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The website was founded by Andrew John Rainnie in 2012, shortly after completing a round the world trip. Realising on his return to Glasgow that many of the websites about the city only offered information on a select few "worthy" tourist sights, or were difficult to navigate, he set about creating his own. A keen writer, filmmaker, and photographer, he put these skills to good use to create


He has also written a book about his travels, detailing the struggles and delights of being a lone backpacker. Entitled "My Right Leg Is Tastier Than My Left," it combines notes from his travel blogs with photographs from his adventures. It is available as a digital eBook from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Smashwords



For more information about Andrew John Rainnie please visit his website


We are always happy to hear from vistors to our site and the city of Glasgow, whether it be to tell us how handy the information and guides were, to correct something we have got wrong, or to suggest more places of interest that we can add to out growing library. If you would like to contact Discover Glasgow please email us directly or use the contact form below.

Unless otherwise stated, all the pictures of the site have been taken by ourselves, and we welcome anyone to use them for  commercial or non-commercial projects under the terms of the Creative Common License of Attribution. This just means you have to credit when using the photograph. All of the pictures and snapshots have been optimised for the quickest loading times on the website. If you would like the original version, please contact us via email or our contact form.



Discover Glasgow was set up and run by the money from our own pockets. While it does not cost much to operate, it does require a large amount of time and effort, as well as computing and photography equipment.


In the hope of covering these costs and to help expand the site, we are looking for advertisers. It is our hope that thousands of tourists will use the site while they navigate the city; they could also be seeing your business on our pages.


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