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When you could murder a burger, where do you go?

By DiscoverGlasgowOrg, Jun 18 2014 10:53AM

No matter what season it is, sometimes you just want to indulge in a big, juicy burger. We've been sampling many of Glasgow's eateries to find the ultimate desination for burger connoisseurs. In descending order:

Number 5 - Ad Lib

Coming fifth is not a discredit to Ad Lib (there were many, many eatieries that have not placed in this list). The burger's hear are a cut above the standard pub fare, whether you are eating in the City Centre branch on Hope Street or the Merchant Cityone on Ingram Street. What really makes Ad Lib stand out from the crowd is the Monster Burger Challenge, which dares you to devour a 3lb Aberdeen Angus Burger within two hours. SUcceed and you get the meal for free, along with a T-shirt to prove you have the stomach of a glutton.

Number 4 - Bar BLOC+

One of Glasgow's most chilled out bars not only offers regular support to local bands and free gigs to its patrons, but its kitchen also cooks up a really great burger. Not to be missed.

Number 2 and 3 - Burger Meats Bun and Bread Meats Bread

It is almost impossible to choose between Glasgow's two newest burger joints. Despite a bitter rivalry involving the similar names, their menus are very different. Bread Meats Bread is slightly more expansive, but is also more expensive. Burger Meats Bun wins points for serving Gosling's Ginger Beer, but its a basement restaurant so lacks the people watching that the cornerside Bread Meats Bread offers. That location comes at a premium for space though, so you may be queuing for a short while, but good things come to those who wait. Try both, and make your own mind up.

Number 1 - Nice 'N' Sleazys by Meathammer Ltd

Meathammer's burgers are simply the most tasty and inventive this side of the hemisphere (they would be challenged for the crown by Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand). From the Murderous Hog to the Behemoth, these burgers will make your mouth water when you read the menu, but leave you feeling very satisfied by the last bite. Meathammer serves out of Nice 'N' Sleazys on Sauchiehall Street, although for any Westenders, they have now expanded to the Record Factory, although you will have to put up with the mob of students residing there.

One to avoid - Cocktail & Burger

While the temptation of 2 for 1 burgers was enough to draw us into the dingy basement restaurant, the age old lesson of quality over quantity was ever present. The burger itself was so-so, but we had to wait 40 minutes for our accompanying fries, while the two waitresses gabbed at the desk. With little apology once the error had been corrected, we swiftly finished our chips and left, never to return.

So there you have it folks. Have you had a tasty burger in somewhere other than the places that we mentioned here? If so, let us know, so we can expand on our list.

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