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By DiscoverGlasgowOrg, Apr 1 2014 07:17PM

Citizen Firefighter
Citizen Firefighter

Hello, and welcome to what is hopefully going to be a weekly blog about things in Glasgow, from the weather to the wallpaper. I have included one of the first pictures I snapped when Discover Glasgow was still a vague idea in my head, or Citizen Firefighter, the faceless hero who haunts the corner of Hope Street and Gordon Street. I had been back in the city for a little over six months, after living in London for five years and then backpacking around the world. I met so many people on my journey, many of whom had heard of Glasgow, and had some preconceived notions about the city I had lived, worked, and studied in. I guess that was once of the main reasons I took on this task: I wanted to create a website where tourists and locals alike could come to find out more about Glasgow, without beging bogged down in detail or religious rhetoric.

I view Discover Glasgow as a launching off point for others. If you like a sight, like a statue, park, museum, or piece of street art, then seek it out and see it for yourself. The city has so many weird and wonderful sights. WIth over 300 pages on this website, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface. Over the next year I will be incorporating more sights and photographs, while hopefully extending the media on offer, so that people as far away as South Korea, New Zealand, or Peru can see the beauty of Scotland and its greatest city, even if they cannot physically make the journey.

I hope you enjoy the website, and please spread the word if you do.

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