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By DiscoverGlasgowOrg, Apr 16 2014 05:49PM

On Tuesday night I attended the opening of the Yelp Gallery of Glasgow, hosted by the Ubiquitous Chip in Ashton Lane. It features a number of photos submitted by its community members, picked by a trio of judges and individually framed by community leader Briony (pictured making a thank you speech). Some thanks also has to go to the Virginia Gallery for their help in the evening. It was great to see the number of different styles of photographs, from the artful black & white pieces that perfectly captured the frame of Kibble Palace, to theintimate shots of food: one of the winners had snapped a picture of his scrumptious Bread Meets Bread burger. Drink was flowing while everyone enjoyed the entrees while buying prints of the hanging photos, with all profits going to charity. As well as the pre-framed photographs, we were treated to a live artwork display from artist Barry Neeson's live artwork, who managed to concentrate beyond the drunken banter to an amazing Glasgow-themed piece in just a few short hours.

Somewhere in the haze of the free booze - drifting from Aperol to Campari and then finishing the evening with several Wild Turkeys - I realised that much of the photography for Discover Glasgow is uniform, utilitarian, designed to illustrate what the sights look like, rather than capturing them to evoke a specific insight or emotion. Going forward, I think I may take my time with the photographs (there are over 1000 on the site at the moment), not to win any Yelp awards (although wouldn't that be great), but to try and capture some of the mystery and magic of what makes Glasgow cool, of the energy and passion that flows through its streets and alleyways.

This was also my first time out with the Yelp community, who were a friendly bunch, bordering on the hipster parable. If you live in Glasgow, you would do well to join their community, and not only for the free booze, but for doing what I always designed DG to do; opening your eyes to what is at your very doorstep.

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