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Cathcart Cemetery is most famous for the William and Mary Hood Mausoleum, based upon the Philae Temple of Hathor. William Hood was a butcher, and the second owner of Alexander Thomson’s villa The Knowe, which he renamed Nile Park (although it was subsequently changed back to the original title). Originally a statue decorated the mausoleum, possibly Anubis the Jackal, watcher of the dead in Egyptian Mythology, but now destroyed. Cathcart is also the burial place of singer Madge Metcaffe. She and her theatre manager husband went on to have a son, Stan Laurel, of the famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.  


On Netherlee Road in the Cathcart district, on the outskirts of Glasgow, far south of the city centre

This peaceful cemetery, bordering Linn Park, has a number of beautiful gravestones dating back to the 19th Century, the graveyard itself having opened in 1878.



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