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Glasgow's city centre and main attractions are all within easy walking distance of one another. Here we have listed some official trails and devised some themed routes, each taking in their own unique sights.

"Imaginatively, Glasgow exists as a music hall song and a few bad novels."                

- Alasdair Gray, Lanark (1981).


More recognisable as Doctor Who's TARDIS, there are four of these old blue police boxes to be found in the city.

Although based in Edinburgh, much of the shooting on Danny Boyle's cult classic took place in Glasgow.

Follow the career of one of Glasgow's most famous sons, taking in his unique designs and architecture .

A series of walks that uncover some of Thomson's best designs spread across the four corners of the city.

A must-do for any fan of filmmaker Ken Loach, who has used Glasgow as a backdrop for numerous stories.

Glasgow has starred in many big budget Hollywood produtions. Find out which ones and walk with the stars.

Glasgow City Council has also designed a number of Heritage Walks and Green Walks through some of the city's woodlands and parklands. Please visit their sit to download these routes.

If you know of any unusual walks around Glasgow, or have a theme you would like us to explore in future jaunts, please send us a message with the details.


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Want a guided tour of the city? Check out Walking Tours In Glasgow. They have a number of different routes  at great prices including group rates.



Kilted Haggis takes you on a two hour walk of Glasgow's key attractions, and nds with a live performance of traditional Scottish music. Slange!