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Cast your magic spells with queen of comedy, Elaine C. Smith, who shines as the Fairy trying to lead Prince Charming to his Sleeping Beauty.  Starring alongside her are comedian and panto star Johnny Mac as Sleeping Beauty’s hapless sidekick Muddles, while Juliet Cadzow (River City, Balamory) and Paul-James Corrigan (River City, Gary Tank Commander) as the wicked fairy, Carabosse, and her put-upon son Slimeball. Can true love break en eternal slumber? Come to the Kings and find out!

It's panto season once again, so grab your Puss in Boots and get down to your nearest theatre to enjoy a wee singalong and some banter with a few famous faces!

DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks kings-theatre

Now playing until the 7th of January.

It’s nearly time for the Prince’s ball, but poor Cinderella is working her fingers to the bone in the cold and dark kitchens thanks to her cruel and greedy step-sisters’ nasty tricks. Luckily, Cinderella has the help of some new friends, and a little magic, to help her get to the ball and win the heart of the Prince. But does her heart’s true desire lie closer to home?

Now playing until the 31st December.

citizens01 citizens02

Join Dorothy as she embarks on an exciting but unexpected adventure from her home in sunny Glasgow to the Magical Land of Never Woz. Along the way, she meets a “Scatty Scarecrow” a “Tarnished Tin Man” and a “Scardie Cat Lion” and together they hit the Yellow Brick Road in the hope of finding the Mighty Wizard of Never Woz who can make all their dreams come true. Helped along the road by the Good Witch Glinda who tries to protect Dorothy on her journey but evil is lurking in the shape of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Now playing until the 14th of January.


Take a trip down the buckie hole with Alice in Weegieland. It's a pantospherical wonderland populated with talking creatures, maniacal power-hungry queens and a fella who can get you a pirate copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Part 6 before its even been written yet. Will Alice ever want to leave the pantosphere?  Will the Mad Bad Cat in the Hatter ever find some patter that really matters?  Will the Queen of Hearts ever find something she loves more than another public beheading?

Now playing until the 7th of January.

tron DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks

If panto isn't quite your style, why not go see the Scottish Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker, accompandied by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra playing Tchaikovsky’s timeless score. Experience a fantastical adventure with a little girl called Clara, as she drifts off to sleep on Christmas Eve. She meets her Prince, is confronted by a battle of larger-than-life mice and rats, and is whisked into the luscious land of sweets – it even snows on stage!


Now playing until the 13th of January.


Bring your little ones to Scottish Youth Theatre this Christmas and join Tommy and his Snowbird on their magical adventure that conjures up memories of The Snowman. This unforgettable, life-affirming adventure features fully interactive performances, songs, and lots of joining in.

Now playing until the 30th of December.

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Comedy sensations Gary: Tank Commander and The Dolls lead this year’s spectacular SEC Armadillo family pantomime, Jack & the Beanstalk. The  panto sees the return of 3D to Glasgow’s biggest panto adventure with audiences joining the Trot family on an exciting quest deep into a mysterious forest. Follow Jack and climb a beanstalk of gigantic proportions to cloudland in the spectacular 3D family pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.

Now playing until the 7th of January.

And last but not least...

sec sec-02

The land of Panoptica is in peril from the evil Giant Blunderbore and his assistant Demon Moonshade and Tom has returned home to inherit his father’s estate before the evil giant steals it. Could Tom’s cat hold the key to solving all of Panoptica’s problems? Will Harry ever find out what happened to his lost love Kitty? Could the princess Felicia ever fall in love with a commoner like Tom and will her parents Queen Euphemia and King Richard allow it?


Join the cast this Christmas at The Britannia Panopticon – The World’s Oldest Surviving Music Hall for this Purr-fect family adventure to find out.

Now playing until the 23rd of December.

DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks panoptican panoptican2

So she married Prince Kelvie, a G-Twelvie, (aka Prince Charming) but what happened once the ball was over? Turns out hubby was a mammy’s boy and life at the Palace was pure murder.


With heart throb Buttheid in tow, Cinders makes her escape – much to the chagrin of oor dame, Auntie Etta, who is thrown out of her grace and favour but ‘n’ ben in Bearsden.

Now playing until the 30th of December

From the producer that brought you the smash hit Snow White and the Seven Wee Muppets.


Insideout Theatre Productions Ltd proudly present JACKIE AND THE BAKED BEAN STOCK


A GIANT of Family Pantomime with all the banter, bouncing beats and a first class professional cast.

Now playing until the 31st of December

Cinderella_oranmor Cinderella_oranmor2

Meanwhile the remaining Ugly Sister, wan-tooth Winnie, has had a makeover and plans her long awaited vengeance… but will she be a match for the new super-powered Cinders?

jackie baked bean stock DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks

First the film and now the Panto. EK Rep’s unique story of Beauty and the Beast told in our ever-popular annual pantomime.


Beauty wanders into the Beast’s castle. Can she escape? Can Can Khan the tiger save her?  Will Ma Bunions and her hapless duo, Peelie and Wallie help Beauty’s father to defeat the evil Gargon and his sidekicks, Scroggs and Groggs? Or will they need some magic from Fairy Nuff?  An unmissable night of fun, song and dance backed by a chorus of 40 talented, local children. Don’t be disappointed, book now.

Now playing until the 22nd of December.

Theatre at Queens return this Christmas with their fun-filled family pantomime, Jill and the Beanstalk!


The 2017 version of our popular fun-filled family pantomime with songs, jokes, dance, magic, a giant and of course a beanstalk.


Written and performed by young peoples' company "Theatre at Queens".


For tickets and more information contact:

Tel: 07388682384

Now playing until the 9th of December.

beauty-and-the-beast_web-1024x826 jill beanstock DGorg-DramaMasks DGorg-DramaMasks

A traditional Glasgow panto by Alan McHugh, Senga McWhittington’s Sweetie Shop in downtown Glasgow is over-run by a swarm of rats, led by the villainous verminous Queen Rat! Nothing can stop this plague until our hero Ricky McWhittington steps in to save the day, with the helping wand of Fairy Gallus Alice, and fearless feline Kitty.


Will good win out? Will Melody find her true love? Will Senga get a man? A festive show bursting with laughs, singalong favourites and family fun.

From the 19th to the 23th of December

Family Panto with lots of audience participation and sing along. Jock and his Maw are skint so need to sell their pet cow Daisy to raise money for the rent. Jock meets and old man who offers him some magic beans in exchange for Daisy the cow. All of a sudden a giant beanstalk grows and there is an evil giant at the top. Plus Jock has fallen in love with Jill but the Giant has captured her. Will Jock be able to rescue Jill so that they can all live happily ever after? Plus Jock's Maw Dame Dolly is not too pleased!

From the 15th to the 17st of December

Ricky_McWhittington1 jock-and-the-beanstalk2