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One of the newest attractions in Glasgow, the five-star Science Centre is comprised of three buildings built on the south bank of the River Clyde; the Science Mall, which resembles a slice of orange lying on its side, the IMAX Cinema and the Glasgow Tower. The Mall, a fusion of titanium and glass, houses a theatre and a planetarium, while the IMAX Cinema stands separate in a cocoon-like building. On the other side of the Mall is the Guinness World Record holding Glasgow Tower. Although not the tallest building in the world, standing at a mere 127 metres, it is the tallest tower that can turn a full 360 degrees (but not the tallest building, which their website initially claimed. It is technically not classed as a building as it does not have floors continuously from the ground up).


The tower has, unfortunately, been plagued by problems normally reserved for structures built on top of ancient burial grounds, and has had to close several times. However, do not let this put you off taking a trip up to the viewing platform, as it grants a remarkable view of Glasgow and the River Clyde. The Science Mall is also an idea day out with children, mixing learning with entertainment to prove that science can be fun.


WHERE IS IT? On the South bank of the River Clyde west of the city centre, directly across from the SECC and neighbour to BBC Scotland.

With a mission to make science fun and thought provoking for future generations of Scots, the Glasgow Science Centre is a must visit for children and adults alike.