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On the corner of Brown Street and Crimea Street in the city centre, between Argyle Street and Broomielaw

The Glasgow City Mission was founded in 1826 by David Nasmith, a concerned citizen who wished to help those with social and spiritual problems. While he died young, he inspired other missions to be set up around the world, uniting people from different backgrounds together in a common cause.



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The new building, designed by Glasgow firm Elder & Cannon, stands on the site of a former chapel in the city’s redeveloped financial district. The Glasgow City Mission was only able to afford such a move as their previous building, a meek single-storey structure, occupied land that was key to the development of the International Financial Services District. The City Mission agreed to the land transfer in exchange for its new headquarters, where they continue Nasmith’s work, helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people through the problems thrown up by their chaotic lives and oppressive situations. Elder & Cannon’s building is both modest and yet elegant, with  stretched ground floor windows matching the colonnade on the roof where the mission’s garden thrives. The subtle tones of the blue-brinded brick, and the asymmetrical pattern of the windows of the administrative floor, complement the crisp edged design.




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