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The area was the former home of the ginormous Meadowside Granary Complex, a monolithic complex comprised of four giant buildings, which were demolished in 2002. From its ruins sprouted Phases 1 and 2 of the Glasgow Harbour Project, a number of multi-storey residential flats, many designed by GM + AD Architects. The area is isolated from the city, but hopefully not for long, with plans for further phases already in place, including commercial and leisure developments, as well as a proposed light metro rail system. This would be similar to the Docklands Light Railway that serves the east end of London along the River Thames, an area that has also benefited from such regeneration.  




Just west of the Riverside Museum, ten minutes walk south from Partick train station.

Discover Glasgow Harbour, situated near the Riverside Museum. The various residential towers stand opposite the cranes of the Clydeside Boatbuilders.

Modern-Glasgow-Harbour-05 Modern-Glasgow-Harbour-03 Modern-Glasgow-Harbour-04 Modern-Glasgow-Harbour-06 Modern-Glasgow-Harbour-07 RIVER CLYDE and BRIDGES



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