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The group is committed to promoting new housing developments and renovations, as well as helping people own their homes through shared ownership or equity options. Molendinar invited a number of Glasgow’s architecture firms to submit proposals for the new site. Richard Murphy, who had previously worked with MPHA on the adjacent Graham Square development, submitted a winning masterplan in 2003 that invited the other firms, including Elder & Cannon, Park/Page and jmarchitects, to each develop their own housing in a specified allotment. This is very similar to the approach used in the Houses of the Future project in 1999, which also provided around 100 homes.


In the Gallowgate district of Glasgow's east end, just off the Gallowgate main thoroughfare, around the corner from Bellgrove train station

Built on the site of the former Meat Market, these multi-award winning residential developments were commissioned by the Molendinar Park Housing Association.



Modern-MooreSt01 Modern-MooreSt02 Modern-MooreSt03 Modern-MooreSt04 Modern-MooreSt05 Modern-MooreSt06

The result is a fantastic mix of styles, centred around a pedestrianised square, while retaining some of the listed facades and stunning central archway of the old Meat Market. Elder & Cannon opted for a block design, while Page/Park imagined a modern version of a typical Glasgow tenement building, the flats separated at the balcony by triangular walls, with one end of the building circular in design to mimic Glasgow’s large bay windows. Richard Murphy’s design at the centre of the project consists of a block of 22 flats, the straight angles and extended cub windows on the top suggestive of something fun, built with Lego blocks.




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