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Although these police boxes were designed to help the public and act as a miniature station, they found fame as the shape taken on by Doctor Who’s TARDIS. In Glasgow, they have also taken on some other uses.




Found outside the Botanic Gardens, the bright red panel is where the phone would have been placed. In the summer this box is transformed into a coffee shack, with the poor pun name of Coppuchino.


The box located on Wilson Street was previously red and located on the traffic island that once divided the street entrance. It was renovated in 2010, and the box was moved to the pavement when the island was paved over.

Like the Wilson Street box, this one was originally red, and rests at the north-west corner of Cathedral Gardens. It was originally missing the crowning lamp, but this has since been replaced.



The best kept box is slap bang in the centre of Buchanan Street. This box also turns into a shop during the summer months, with a large ice-cream cone hung outside to indicate the box-sized parlour is open for business.


At one point Glasgow had over 300 police boxess. By 1994 there were still 10 remaining, a mix of the traditional blue and the odd Glasgow-specific red boxes. However, by 2008, only four remained in the city, out of the 11 in total throughout the United Kingdom. All of the existing ones within the city are now Category B-listed buildings, although a couple of additional boxes have been spotted rotting in scrapyards. Contrary to popular belief, the boxes are made from pre-cast, reinforced concrete, although the entrance door is wooden, usually teak. The model spotted around Glasgow is designated the Mk2, and was designed by Gilbert Mackenzie Trench in 1929 for London’s Metropolitan Police. However, the Glasgow forces tweaked the design, painting them a pillar-box red and removing one of the four front panels.

If you visit Google Maps and choose to navigate Wilson Street by Streetview, you will be transported back to the recent past, when an old red-style Glasgow telephone box stood on a traffic island, also now removed.


Whether it is a deliberate move on Google's part to keep the past on record, or just a cool Glasgow Easter Egg, it offers those who did not see the Glasgow style police box a glimpse at what they were like.