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WHERE? At the corner of Belmont Street and Garriochmill Road in Glasgow's West End, overlooking the River Kelvin as it flows under Belmont Bridge.

The red sandstone church, with its distinctive crown tower, was designed by architect John James Stevenson for the United Free Church of Scotland.

J.J. Stevenson’s cousin James was an elder with the organisation, who had been asked to sponsor the building of churches in Glasgow. James offered to pay for the majority of the costs, seeking to build a memorial for his father Nathaniel and his younger brother who shared their father’s name. He appointed his cousin J.J. as the chief architect, naming the church the Nathanial Stevenson Memorial Free Church. J.J. Stevenson had by this point been an architect for nearly forty years, having designed many churches across Scotland, as well as several restorative projects at Oxford and Cambridge University.


Work was due to commence on the church in 1897, but there were problems with the North Woodside site and objections from neighbouring churches. A year later the current site beside Belmont Bridge was approved, opening four years later on 27th February 1902, when it was dedicated by Dr. Alexander Whyte of St. George’s, Edinburgh. The name of the church was changed to mirror the new location in North Kelvinside. The current congregation was created by the amalgamation of three smaller ones in the area; East Park Church, Wilton Church, and Kelvinside Old Church.