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WHERE? On Tucked away in the city’s east end, just past Glasgow Green, on the north bank of the River Clyde.

The Strathclyde Public School was designed and built by the architectural firm John McKissack & Son in 1903.

John had just taken his son James on as an apprentice following his education at the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow & West of Scotland Technical College. This was the firm’s first school building, and although they went on to build several more, after his father’s death in 1915, James found his niche in designing and building cinemas, primarily for George Singleton, all across the West of Scotland. The school’s location, next to the large Barrowfield Works factories, was most likely to accommodate the families of the east end industrial workers. However, the expansion of the area as an industrial zone meant that the school was only used for seventy years, closing its doors in 1974.


While many of these fine Glasgow school buildings have fallen into disuse, this is thankfully not one of them. After its closure in 1974, the school was refurbished as the Dalmarnock Adult Training Centre in 1976, but closed a short while later. In 1999 it was reopened as the Strathclyde Business Centre by Spectrum Properties, who converted it into 45 offices.