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WHERE? In the Gallowgate district in the east end, near the famous Barrowland Market.

Named after the street it was built on, which has since changed from Tureen Street to Millroad Drive, the school is comprised of three individual blocks.

The first of these was designed and built by famous Glasgow architect John Honeyman in 1875, using yellow ashlar. The second block came nearly a decade later in 1884, designed this time by James Jackson Craig, who attempted to copy Honeyman’s design. The last block was completed after the turn of the century in 1902, by James Lymburn Cowan. In between the construction of the second and third block, and janitor’s house and office were built at the north end in 1891 by the firm Macwhannell & Rogerson.


Now a category B listed building, it was renovated in 1974, and in the 1990s they were being used by the community to hold classes and workshops. However, it appears to have been vacant from since at least 2004, during which time weather and plant erosion has occurred.