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The work was commissioned by the local radio station, Radio Clyde, to celebrate their 25 years of independent broadcasting. Wyllie designed it to chime just once, at 8pm, which he considered to be the ideal meeting time. Rather superstitiously, shortly after Wyllie passed away in May 2012, the clock stopped working. As the Mitchell Library launched a retrospective exhibition showcasing Wyllie’s work entitled “In Pursuit of the Question Mark,” Radio Clyde and MSP Drew Smith launched a successful campaign to get the clock running again (pardon the pun).


On Killermont Street, near the main entrance to the Buchanan Bus Station and opposite the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

The Clyde Clock is an odd specimen; a stainless steel statue of a running pair of legs, with a cube clock as a body. Aptly positioned outside Buchanan Bus Station, whose army of vehicles almost always run on time (and past which many passengers run to catch them), it was created by Glasgow artist George Wyllie.


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