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On the north bank of the River Clyde next to Glasgow Bridge, opposite the Custom House on Clyde Street.

This small yet poignant statue upon a 9ft plinth iconifies Dolores Ibarruri, who was dubbed “La Pasionaria” (the Passionate Flower) because of her leadership to the Republican and Communist movements during the Spanish Civil War.



Statue-Dolores-Ibarruri-01 Statue-Dolores-Ibarruri-02

The statue pays tribute to those killed in that conflict, 65 from Glasgow. While it stands as a symbol of the fight against fascism, its own history shows that these problems still existed within this country, decades later. Commissioned by the International Brigade Association in 1974, the artist, Liverpool sculptor Arthur Dooley was paid by funds secured from the Trade Unions and the Labour movement. This caused the Glasgow Conservative Councillors to childishly protest, denouncing the statue and threatening to tear it down when they unseated Labour in the Glasgow Election (something that has never happened, probably due to elitist and threatening behaviour such as this). Their bullying meant that the statue was erected without ceremony, for fear of any incident. The controversy also meant the project was underfunded, and the artist, Dooley, was forced to live destitute in his workshop during this time.




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