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All three were cast in bronze by sculptor Kathleen Chambers, a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. She took up the post of Exhibitions Co-ordinator there in 1990, the same year that the Map on Buchanan Street was erected, to mark Glasgow’s status as European City of Culture.


As well as an impressive work of art in itself, the map is practical, enabling you to picture the city from above and find your way around. One design quirk, intended or not, is that when it rains (which in Glasgow it does often) the River Clyde fills up and flows over the edge.


On Buchanan Street, just north of the Blue Police Box where it intersects with St. Vincent Street.

This amazing 3D topographical relief map is one of three to be found in the city; the other two are located in Cathedral Precinct and at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

MAP on


Statue-Map-Buchanan-03 Statue-Map-Buchanan-02 Statue-Map-Buchanan-01 CITIZEN BUILDING



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