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Inside the Buchanan Street bus station terminal buding on Killermont Street

The title of John Clinch’s bronze sculpture, situated inside Buchanan Bus Station, comes from the local slang word for kissing or courting, “winching.” It shows the idyllic scene of two young lovers coming together after some time and distance apart, a tear of joy rolling down the young woman’s cheek.



Statue-Wichers-Stance-03 Statue-Wichers-Stance-02 Statue-Wichers-Stance-01

Originally from Folkstone, Kent, he attended the Kingston School of Art, graduating with a National Diploma in Fine Art in 1955. He won various awards throughout his artistic career, including the Arts Council Major Award in 1979. His work can be seen all around Britain, including “Beside The Sea” in Cardiff and “The Family” in Milton Keynes. In 1992 he was elected as an associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. In 1994, the same year that “Wincher’s Stance” was unveiled, he was promoted to Fellow of the Society. “Wincher’s Stance” was one of his last works before his passing in 2001.




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