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Along the Broomielaw under the rail bridge, and along Paisley Road under the Kingston Bridge motorway.

These are not the only murals attributed to the games. Further west, under the Kingston Bridge, the pillars and supports have also been brought to sporting life with paint, depicting events such as swimming, bowling and weightlifting. In Merchant City, two badminton players adorn the side of a building, while giantess hockey players are depicted on a wall opposite Partick tain station.


Glasgow based street artist Sam Bates AKA Smug has been practising his craft for over fifteen years, having developed a photo-realistic style that he has freely exhibited up and down the country.




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Originally from a small town near Sydney, Australia, he believes that Glasgow suffers from having a creative space for fellow street artists and graffiti experts. His well-earned reputation has allowed him to earn a living from his art, having been commissioned by Glasgow City Council to do a series of pieces promoting the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Along the Broomielaw, on the five pillars that support under the Caledonian Railway Bridge, are five murals inspired by the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Each features a different sport, all with a distinct colour palette. One depicts cycling, including a nod to Scottish cyclist Sir Chris Hoy. The others show rugby, track and field, and hockey, with the final one inspired by China’s top gymnastic team, draped in the red of their national flag.