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The mural depicts a train arriving into the city at sunset, with Glasgow represented by some famous landmarks. The dome of the Mitchell library is clearly visible, representing the city’s literary and scholarly traditions. The mural also celebrates the work of two of Glasgow’s most famous architects, Alexander “Greek” Thomson and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Other recognisable buildings within Berkhauser’s depiction include the Theatre Royale, and the City Chambers in the background.

Burkhauser, while not a native of Glasgow, having been born in New Jersey and raised in America, made herself well know in the city. She arrived here in her early forties to conduct a post-graduate study at the School of Art, specifically on the subject of Scottish female artists. A proud feminist and “Guerilla Girl,” she spent the next three years researching, recovering and re-assessing Scottish female artists, culminating in “Glasgow Girls - Women in Art and Design 1880-1920,” an exhibition shown at the Glasgow Art Gallery during the 1990 City of Culture celebrations. Although a success, Burkhauser refused to have anyone meddle with her work, to the point that she levied her property in order to secure funding, sponsorship, and key pieces of art. Unfortunately the stress of this, as well as the cancellation of a planned US tour, had an adverse affect on her well being. Two years before she sadly passed away in 1998, she wrote, “I have lost my health as a result of the stress and distress associated with `Glasgow Girls' . . . I've paid an enormous price for my integrity but know that without it, life is worthless anyway.”


Inside Central Station, near the Hope Street entrance on the west side of the building.


This ceramic mural was crafted in 1989 by artist Jude Burkhauser in 1989, after she was commissioned by British Rail, who wished to contribute to the celebrations of Glasgow as a Cultural Capital of Europe the following year.




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