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While almost every tourist book and website will tell you to visit the Necropolis or take a stroll through George Square, here is a wee list of things to do to make the Glasgow experience complete.


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Enjoy a refreshing pint of Tennents (or Irn-Bru if you are under 18)

Or go one step further and enroll in a cocktail making class at the Tennent's Academy!

Have a chip supper with lashings of salt 'n' vinegar (black pudding... nom nom nom)

For dessert, try a deep fried Mars bar or creme egg. Certain chip shops will do it on request

Take a photo of the traffic cone adorning the Duke of Wellington statue

Extra points if you get a photo of yourself standing next to it, also with a cone on your head

Experience a football game and a pie at half-time (the choice of team is up to you)

Why not put a cheeky bet on the team winning - you never know your luck!

Discover the statues of Truth, Riches and Honour in Glasgow City Chambers

Figure out the nickname of one of the statues due to its resemblance of a famous landmark

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a trip to Glickman's sweetshop in The Barras Market

Save some for when you get back home!

Go for a ride on the Glasgow Underground subway system.

See if you can work out why it was affectionaty known locally as "The Clockwork Orange"

Take a photo of a ned in it's natural habitat

Bonus awarded if the ned is clutching a bottle of Buckfast.


If you manage any of these challenges, email us your pictures and we'll stick them up below.