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In the section of St. Vincent’s Place between George Square and Buchanan Street in the city centre

Imagined in the Dutch Renaissance style, this four storey building was commissioned by James Hedderwick and Sons to house the company’s Evening Citizen newspaper offices, which ran until 1974.





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It was constructed between 1885 and 1889, and was one of the first buildings to use the Red Ballochmyle sandstone that would later come to define this era of buildings. It was built by Thomas Lennox Watson and his two apprentices at the time, Larmont Douglas Penman and William James Anderson. The latter was Lennox’s chief assistant, and during the period of construction he attended the Glasgow School of Art until his graduation in 1887. While he was a pupil there he won the Alexander Thomson Travelling Scholarship, and spent five months in Italy in 1888, and it may have been these trip that influenced the Renaissance style of the building’s ground level.