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WHERE IS IT? In the West End, nestled on the corner between Hyndland Road and Hyndland Street.



The current Cottiers Theatre, Bar & Restaurant is housed in the old Dowanhill United Presbyterian Church. It was built between 1865 and 1866 from a design by architect William Leiper.

Leiper is most famous for his design of the Templeton Carpet Factory, although Dowanhill Church is seen as a turning point in his career, winning the commission when he was just 26 years old. The stained glass interior and decoration was prepared by glazier Daniel Cottier, for whom the current theatre is named after. He also worked with Alexander 'Greek' Thomson on the St. Vincent Street Church.

The grade A listed church fell into disrepair but was rescued by the formation of the Four Acres Charitable Trust in 1983. They acquired the church not only for the purposes of restoration but to renovate it into a meaningful community space. The envisioned art centre with an adjoining bar and restaurant was fully realised when Cottiers Theatre opened in 1995. The project’s income has allowed further restoration and conservation work to be carried out, with additional funds provided by Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Development Agency, the Glasgow West Conservation Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund.



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