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WHERE IS IT? Through a lane just off Argyle Street - the entrance is marked by "1103" painted on the blue sign above.

As the name suggests, this gallery is tucked away in the very recent Hidden Lane complex in the city’s West end; a small hub of arts and crafts with an excellent tearoom to boot.

Set up by former lawyer and journalist Joe Mulholland, the Hidden Gallery opened in late 2009. Situated within the renovated garage of a former undertakers, the gallery has (literally) breathed new life into the walls. As well as a recording studio, the gallery provides space for artists of all specialities, from writers and artists to jewellery designers and Japanese doll makers.

The gallery has flourished in the decade it has been open, building on a strong reputation of showing work from often-overlooked countries such as Haiti, Russia and Bosnia, as well as art and artefacts from all over Africa.

It also celebrates home-grown talent with several exhibitions celebrating the life and works of artists such as Alasdair Gray and Margaret Watkins, and photo exhibits in collaboration with the Scottish Press Photography Association.


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