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WHERE IS IT? On the corner of McPhater Street just north of the city centre, across from the Theatre Royal on Cowcaddens Road.

Despite the name, this is not a museum devoted to the skill of plumbing, but rather the mysterious musical art of bagpipe playing.

Located just across the road from the Theatre Royal, the museum and school of this peculiar Scottish instrument offers up a 300-year history on bagpiping, from the creation and manufacture to its place in modern-day culture. You can see how bagpipes have evolved over the centuries, and watch a film about its history.

The centre runs regular events and has a shop where you can buy your own set of bagpipes if you fancy learning how to inflate the bagpipes with your own hearty lungs.

The museum also owns the neighbouring building, which it has turned into the Piper's Tryst Hotel. This is ideal as it also doubles as a wedding venue, and there will be no shortage of pipers on offer.


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