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WHERE IS IT? In the Southside near Shields Road subway station, roughly 20 minute walk from the city centre

Basing his design on Falkland Palace in Fife and Rowallan Castle in Ayrshire, designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh fought with the school board over the design, considered to be one of his finest works.

While the school governors wished for something more modest and less expensive, Mackintosh wanted to design a palace of education where pupils would be proud to attend. They did so for almost seventy years, from the school’s creation in 1906 to its closure in 1973, due to low pupil numbers caused by the decay of the surrounding area.

The school reopened as a museum, with a room devoted to its illustrious designer. As well as exhibits on education throughout the ages, the school museum infamous amongst Glaswegians for its role-playing experience, where you are dressed as a pupil of yesteryear and forced to listen to a lesson by a stern schoolmistress. Many often ending up in the corner wearing the dunce hat.

The museum is free, but a little out the way, and with the car park being ridiculously expensive, we recommend either going by bus or subway, with Shields Road station located just outside.


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