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WHERE IS IT? In the Townhead area, immediately east of the Buchanan Bus Station, accessed via North Hanover Street

There are a number of different works created in tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh that link together along the footpath that cuts through the Townhead area where the architect grew up.

Arguably the most stunning of these works is the Townhead Tree, a stainless steel sculpture crafted by Liz Peden as part of the Gorbals Art Project. The reflective surface of the metallic tree is transformed at night by lights which change colour over time.

Next is a large black marble circle, of which very little is known, with the double-ring crowned posts surrounding it being the only link to Mackintosh. These posts can be found surrounding a monolithic black slab of marble with a teardrop cut out, one of Mackintosh’s signature shapes. Below it is a poetic quote from the man himself. “Without you, everything has a flatness. I feel as if I’m waiting for something all the time.”


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Buildings and designs by Scotland's most famous architect

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