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WHERE IS IT? At the top end of Hyndland Road in the city's West End, round the corner from Great Western Terrace

Found at the top end of Hyndland Road, Alexander Thomson's Westbourne Terrace is a short walk from another of his works, Great Western Terrace, sharing not only a location but also landowner, James Whitelaw Anderson.

Although work started on Great Western Terrace sooner, Westbourne Terrace was constructed quicker and with less hassle than the other Anderson project and was completed in 1871.

While not as grand as Great Western Terrace, Westbourne Terrace is nevertheless a classic Thomson terrace design, with Ionic columns. It also features the architect’s first use of bay windows.

Westbourne Terrace also stands out in another regard. The cast-iron railings and street lamps are still intact, having been restored in 1994 by the Glasgow Development Agency.



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