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If you have a limited amount of time in the city, then these are the highlights we recommend that you try and see. Between them, they offer up the broad strokes of Glasgow's history, heritage, and culture. Many are within walking distance of one another, and could all be taken in during a well-planned weekend.

Botanic Gardens

Originally conceived to supply plants to the university's botany dept

Cathedral Precinct

Home to Glasgow Cathedral and Provand's Lordship House

Duke of Wellington

This statue has become one of the defining symbols of Glasgow

George Square

The heart of the city where people come to congregate

Glasgow Green

King James II granted this land to WIlliam Turnbull and the city

Glasgow Science Centre

Making science fun and thought provoking for future generations

Kelvingrove Museums

This museum has over 8000 pieces of work housed in 22 galleries

Kelvingrove Park

Created for those who moved here during the Industrial Revolution

The Necropolis

Glasgow's very own 'City of the Dead' Victorian garden cemetery

River Clyde and Bridges

The River Clyde is Glasgow’s most defining feature

Saint Mungo

Street art of Saint Mungo, Glasgow's patron saint, in the modern era

The University of Glasgow

The second oldest university in Scotland behind St. Andrews


Check out the Discover Glasgow YouTube channel and subscribe to see more of this great city

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